Friday, September 24, 2010

Saying "No"

Here is a question for all you Mom Entrepreneurs out there. Why is it so hard for us to say No? Especially when it involves offers of work for pay. It does not seem to matter how successful we are, or how much we need the money, if someone says "I would like to hire you to do this." we immediately say yes and worry about the lack of sleep later.

October is a crazy month for our family, with Thanksgiving, our Little One's Birthday and Halloween. Added to that this year is Indoor Soccer for the Older Boys, a fundraising video production project, an exercise class and a online course for me, and the usual amount of work at hockey and football games for my husband. Did I mention my husband and I are going to New York for 5 days? A few days ago, I got an email about some possible contract work, an event to be planned for October 29th. Sure, absolutely, why not!?!

In my heart, and in my logical mind, I knew I had to say no. But it was painstaking to do. I agonized over it, because I didn't want to turn down the income, even though I can, and because I really wanted to do the job. I made a list of everything I have to do in October, and the dates by which those things need to be done, and the amount of time I must dedicate to each, and it was obvious that none of those things would be done very well if I added one more project.

I hate saying no. It makes me feel like I have failed, or at the very least, not lived up to the expectation that I can do it all. Not sure whose expectation that is, mine or other people's. It really doesn't matter because it is false. No one can do it all. And the way I remind myself of that is by looking at my children. The reason I am working at home is to benefit them, and our family. If I am so busy and stressed that they spend every spare minute playing video games and grazing from the pantry, then I might as well go back to getting a regular paycheck.

I sent an email saying I was sorry I would be unable to accept this project. And you know what? It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

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