Friday, September 24, 2010

I Want To Work From Home

Welcome to Mom Entrepreneur Blog!

I am a mom who made the choice 4 years ago to leave my full time job, to take a year off while my twin boys went to Kindergarten. I have not looked back, not even once. I started a business, had another baby boy, and now I am a Mom Entrepreneur.

What I love about working from home is the time I get to spend with my kids. I like the flexibility of being able to schedule my work around their lives, school events, soccer practices and play dates. I did not even realize how much I was missing them while I was at work until I quit my job. I am a strong advocate for Moms, and Dads, making the choices that are best for their own families. Every one is not the same, and every family is different, too. We need to support each other's choices without judgment. I feel very happy and lucky to have been able to make the choice I did four year ago. This is definitely best for our family.

BUT...There are a few challenges to working at home. My desk is a parking lot for Hot Wheels. I am frequently interrupted by a potty emergency or a Wii disagreement. And I have no coworkers with whom to share ideas, connect or just chat. That is where this blog comes in.

Here, I would like to share my adventures in parenting and business, as well as provide a online gathering place for other stay at home moms, work at home parents, home based business people and anyone else who can relate. Think of it as the water cooler, or break room, or creative meeting for those of us whose office resembles a toy room.

Stop by anytime. I will try to keep the pictures of my kids to a minimum, but they are pretty cute, so I can't make any promises. ;-)

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